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Itai Tavor wrote at 2005-7-25 20:21 +1000:

This is a bit OT but this list is the best place I know to ask it :)

I have a form which uses UTF-8, the text entered in the form then has
to be converted to iso-2022-jp. If any character is entered that
isn't valid for iso-2022-jp I get:

UnicodeError: ISO-2022-JP encoding error: invalid character \u2013

What I need to do is display the offending character in the error

I what encoding?

Obviously, you cannot use "ISO-2022-JP".
If you can handle "UTF-8", then use "unicode('\u2013').encode ('utf-8')".

You can also use the "xmlcharref" error parameter for your
"encode(iso-2022-hp)". In this case, your character would
become an XML character reference. They have the form
"–". Browsers usually are able to display them.

Thanks, Dieter.

Couldn't get it to work, though... not sure why: unicode('\u2013') returns u'\\u2013', which is useless.

Just found the unichr method though. unichr(int('2013', 16)) does the job.


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