Here's a code snippet from one of our applications (you should be able to figure out what you need from this example):
    <dtml-with UserData>
      <dtml-with "manage_addProduct['TCAide']">
        <dtml-with "TCAUsers.createInObjectManager(REQUEST['clientid'], REQUEST)">
          <dtml-call "propertysheets.TCAUsersPS.manage_changeProperties(REQUEST)">
          <dtml-call reindex_object>
UserData is a folder where new zclass instances are stored.
TCAUsers is our zclass
TCAUsersPS is the common instance propertysheet for the zclass
All of the property fields/values are stored in REQUEST (as a result of a user filling in an html form)
We call reindex_object because our zclasses are 'catalog aware' and we are reindexing the catalog.
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Sent: Wednesday, July 27, 2005 12:07 PM
Subject: [Zope] use combined propertysheet variables to form a file name fora zObject

I made a propertysheet for a customed zclass and I wish to use some variables and combine them to form a name for my newed created object.
Say I have variable
a = 'name a'
b = 'value b'
c = 'string c'
what do I encode in my dtml method some_add
    <dtml-with "NewsClass.createInObjectManager(REQUEST['??????'], REQUEST)">
 ?????? into the combination of a, b, and c ?

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