I'm not sure if this is the right place for this, if not, my apologies.

I've got a Clients table in an interbase db with various fields, one of
which is a BLOB field (subtype text), used to maintain some notes.

When inserting a Client into the table, this field populates fine.

However, when attempting to update the client, for some reason, it won't. It
just will not allow me to do an update with the notes field in the
statement. I've googled around, and found lots of bits helping with Delphi,
and lots of statements that BLOB fields in Interbase are tricky to update,
but nothing that helps.

Has anyone out there found a way around this?

I'm using currently using gvib as my database adaptor, as kinterbase does
not seem to want to install at all (seemingly problems with ldap ..).

My Zope instance is installed from a Plone installer.
      Zope Version  (Zope 2.6.1 (binary release, python 2.1, win32-x86),
python 2.1.3, win32)
      Python Version  2.1.3 (#35, Apr 8 2002, 17:47:50) [MSC 32 bit (Intel)]
      System Platform  win32

Thanks in advance

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