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I am looking at a couple way of producing a qotd solution.

one way is to put quotes in a folder. Then use objectvalues on the
folder  and randomly select one of the items. I get get the objectid.
but I don't know what I use to get the 'content' of the object.. what
is the method to get the 'rendered' and unrendered content of an

In this case I'm using objects of type file (setting content type to
text/plain) (ofcourse the content is plain text)

I may find the using a zpt, html, or stx object will work better. I'm
hoping there is a method to get either a rendered view of the file,
(if zope knows how to render it) or unrendered, and I'll worry about
rendering it elsewhere.

The contents of a File object can be gotten at simply by calling it. You

sorry to be dense here. Its been a long time since I read the zope
book. I have the following code:
from Products.PythonScripts.standard import html_quote
import random
request = container.REQUEST
# Return a string identifying this script.
q = container.quotes.objectIds()
print random.choice(q)()
return printed

But this returns an TypeError, str is not callable. How do I get this
code to return a random object from the quotes container?

Of course it does. What does 'objectIds' return? Answer: a list of ids (strings) and not objects. If you want objects, you must ask a different way, as another message provides.

Also, there's not particular reason to use the 'print' facility. You may simply say::

  return random.choice(q)()

and get the same effect.


can also get at the underlying data with the 'data' attribute, which is
useful if the contents are large (since it provides a 'Pdata' object
rather than a string.) This is just as it says in

Other object types, like those that have to do rendering, you can just
call for the rendered content. Methods 'document_src' or 'read' will
usually work for the source.

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