In case anyone is interested, using the python code below won't copy the file 
unless the "View" Security permission on "login_html" is turned on for 
Anonymous...  Then to protect the page from other Anonymous visitors, I have to 
manually turn off the "View" Security settings of "login_html" after it's 
copied into the user folder.

What a pain, anyone got a better way with some code?

Thanks for reading!


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Subject: [Zope] Installation of login_html Fails

Greetings, All-

(thanks for all the help and tips from the list in the past...)

The setup:
I have created an internal web site that allows people in my organization to 
add and edit their own personal page.  The problem is in installing into their 
folder (containing index_html, etc.) a login script (login_html) 

The steps:
1.  Users create their personal folder and login userid and password as 
Anonymous Users as a role named "Friends." An "acl_users" user folder correctly 
2.  A login_html method should then be automatically installed to the folder, 
in addition to a boilerplate "index_html" (this is installed correctly).
3.  The index_html file acquires property values and other objects from the 
user entered information.
4.  If the user wants to edit their page, they click "Edit," which should call 
"login_html."  They enter their userid and pwd and editing is permissible.

The problem is #2:
I cannot figure out what permissions to give folders/objects that will allow 
Zope to add the login-html file programatically.  (The above steps work perfect 
for the "Manager" role.)  A login screen appears that refuses to accept any 
userid and pwd (except my "Manager" role's), the error message is:
 "Error Type: Unauthorized
Error Value: You are not allowed to access login_html in this context

Here is the python code called to add the boilerplate login_html to the newly 
created folder:
     doc = getattr(personal_folder,id)
     copy_info = 

     copy_info = 

I'm stumped, tried changing every permission can think of, doesn't work.  It 
all works fine other than this, and I really don't want to have to add the 
"login_html" file manually for hundreds of users...

Hope you all can make sense of this, and much thanks in advance for any ideas!!

Kevin (relative newbie)
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