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We run a self developed zope product originally based on cmf but
highly customized and extended. Our Data.fs now has grown to a
(packed) size of > 25GB and we are running more and more into
performance troubles (mostly due to a lot of conflict errors). Our
users make a lot of updates, i.e. we have lots of write operations.
Currently we think that our bottle neck is the 'portal_catalog' and
I'm working on splitting it up into multiple ZCatalogs.

So far our story, but what I really wonder is, if there's anyone out
there who has a similar large installation. Please let me know how
large your zope instance is and what you have done to increase your
(write) performance. Also any ideas that may help us are welcome.

Additional info:
4 ZEO clients, 1 ZEO server (all machines have dual P4 and 3-4GB ram),

The CMS that we have built recently on top of the ZODB and CMF consists of several ZEO storages with local catalogs + catalog queue. I don't the total size of all storages in mind but it might be similar the size as your system. However we are using MVCC (implementation by Dieter Maurer) on top of Zope 2.7.something. Since you are using Zope 2.8 should not see much
read conflict error for normales storages except for the TemporaryStorage
(ChrisM added MVCC support for sessions recently for Zope 2.8.1).


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