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michael nt milne wrote:
> I've even tried using the machine's local IP but that doesn't work in
> the same way that localhost doesn't. I've installed Apache now as well
> so as to route requests through that to Zope.
> I'm going to be using the same IP address that the webmail exchange
> service uses. It uses mail.sbcscot.com <http://mail.sbcscot.com> so I
> guess if I have http://plone.sbcscot.com then I could tell Apache to
> route that to Zope? How would I tell IIS or ISA not to listen to that
> domain? Meanwhile I noticed on installing Apache that it failed to bind
> to port 80!

Well, you /can't/ tell IIS not to listen on that "domain" - it listens
at a port on an IP. The host header translation for virtual hosting can
only happen if it can field the request in the first place (e.g. if
there are no clashes at that port/IP). If you have a single interface,
you are stuck using non-standard ports to avoid clashes. Apache will not
bind to port 80 either because you have http://mail.sbcscot.com bound to
the same port & IP, or because of the "socket pooling" nonsense if you
have a separate IP.

I would not touch ISA with a barge-pole if I had a choice - but assuming
you are on SBS and are/could be behind a separate firewall, I would: -

- Leave Zope/Plone on 8080

- Change the port for webmail (and any other IIS stuff) to a different
high port (e.g. 9080?), so it is no longer clashing with Apache.

- Disable "socket pooling". <spit!>

- Run Apache on port 80

- Use virtual hosts with rewrite rules in the Apache .conf to pass
requests to your Zope and Webmail sites.

You could probably do something similar with ISA server (I do, but not
on the same box as IIS and Zope/Plone), but I'd rather not even think
about that...




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