Timur Izhbulatov wrote at 2005-8-11 12:16 +0400:
> ...
>I have a simple Zope product which is an ObjectManager descendant and contains 
>database connection and a ZSQL method. It creates these objects during its
>>>> app.inventory
><Inventory instance at b7300f20>
>>>> app.inventory['db-connection']
><Connection instance at b724a980>
>>>> app.inventory.list
><SQL instance at b724a8f0>
>Everything is OK except one thing. A problem appears when I go to the
>manage_main page of the ZSQL method. It can't find any database connection 
>the SQLConnectionsIDs function from the
>${ZOPE_HOME}/lib/python/Products/ZSQLMethods/SQL.py module.

The code of "SQLConnectionIDs" looks like this:

            for o in self.objectValues():
                if (hasattr(o,'_isAnSQLConnection') and o._isAnSQLConnection
                    and hasattr(o,'id')):

Thus, a candidate "SQLConnection" must have an id.

Now, when you create an object programmatically, it is quite
easy to forget to give it an id (specifying the id in "_setObject"
is not enough; the object itself must contain the id redundantly).

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