I also subscribed to the collective-CMFMember list and got some help there: which I include below.......

Alec Mitchell 
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On Thursday 11 August 2005 06:19 am, michael nt milne wrote:
> I've tried a few products in 2.1 -CMFQuestionnaire for example and it
> produced errors.Also CMFNewsletter didn't work.
> I'd rather wait until the bugs are ironed out.

These are probably not bugs in CMFPlone, but simply products which haven't
caught up to the few major changes in 2.1.  Unfortunately, they are very
unlikely to catch up if you don't report the errors you found with full
tracebacks to the authors of those products.  It may be helpful to
additionally post them to the plone bug tracker as it may point out
incompatibilities of which we were unaware.

> Can CMFMember add totally new fields to registration? What v of plone
> do you have it working with?

CMFMember 1.0 was designed for plone 2.0, and should work.  It will allow you
to add new fields to the registration by subclassing the Member type and
adding new fields to the schema.  For greater details you may want to look at
Rob's Samplex product and tutorial:

CMFMember 1.1 (currently unreleased) is the ideal version for working with
plone 2.1 (which as Martin says is much improved), but may not at present
work with plone 2.0.

On 8/11/05, michael nt milne <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Thanks for the help here. Yes I do want to capture extra information about a user who is registering with a site. First name, last name and company, phone number etc. And then to be able to to display this in a membership display tool. Just about to check out CMFMember. Hope it works ok on 2.05.

On 8/11/05, Dieter Maurer < [EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
michael nt milne wrote at 2005-8-11 10:01 -0400:
>It doesn't to be a relational db to be able to easily add fields

There are no tables to add fields to.

As someone else already pointed out:

  Zope objects often use so called properties
  as "field" emulation.

  Unlike for a relational database where you
  specify the fields of a table (and all rows inherit these fields),
  properties are on individual objects (which are somehow like rows).

  Zope has a feature where you can define properties not
  for individual objects but for whole collections of them:
  "ZClass"es. Adding properties to a property sheet of
  a ZClass ensures that all instances of the class have
  these properties (with the default value defined by the class).


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