> > Dog slow as compared to what?
> As compared to commodity server-class Linux/Intel hardware (which will
> cost you around 1/4 to 1/3 what the "equivalent" Solaris rig does).
> > I would prefer to do the absolute
> > minimum in terms of tuning. Most of my experience with Zope and
> > otherwise is with Windows. Can I potentially get by just installing
> > and running? How would it run that way on a current Solaris server
> > with appropriate memory compared to say running on a P4 3meg Win2003
> > machine with appropriate memory.
> Let's put it this way:  even if you get paid in cheese sandwiches, it
> will be cheaper to buy a 1U lintel box to run the server than the time
> you spend trying to figure out why it is so slow on Solaris, let alone
> the time you spend trying to remediate it.  Unless somebody has a gun to
> your head, you should not run Zope on Solaris in *any*
> performance-critical environment.
> FWIW, I offered once to *buy* the 1U for the client if it didn't smoke
> their big-iron Solaris box;  they declined to take me up on it (but
> still went ahead and used Solaris, because that was what made the SAs
> feel warm-n-fuzzy).
> Matt Hamilton's report is still probably your best resource if you find
> yourself with the gun to your head:
>  http://www.zope.org/Members/glpb/solaris

OK -- I get the picture I think ;-)

I will try to dodge the Solaris bullet if I can.
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