We've been playing with the FSDump product (http://www.zope.org/Members/tseaver/FSDump) over the last few days, and all appears to be working fine, except for exporting ZClass based objects.

The 'offending' part of the Dumper.py script appears to be:

def _dumpZClass( self, obj, path=None ):
        #   Dump properties of obj (assumed to be a ZClass) to the
        #   filesystem as a directory, including propertysheets and
        #   methods, as well as any nested ZClasses.
        if path is None:
            path = ''
        path = os.path.join( path, obj.id )
        file = self._createMetadataFile( path, '' )
        file.write( 'title:string=%s\n' % obj.title )

### only getting this far as _zclass_ causes attribute error

        file.write( 'metatype:string=%s\n' % obj._zclass_.meta_type )
        file.write( 'bases:tokens=%s\n'
% ','.join( map( lambda klass: str(klass), obj._zbases ) )
        file.write( 'class_id:int=%s\n' % obj._zclass_.__module__ )

I've indicated within the code snippet above that when parsing ZClass objects, it's only working to the point where it's successfully written out the title to the .metadata file, but then fails. We put in some debug logging, which reveals:

exceptions.AttributeError _zclass_[('zope/Products/FSDump/Dumper.py', 158, '_dumpObject', 'handler( object, path )'), ('zope/Products/FSDump/Dumper.py', 454, '_dumpZClass', "file.write( 'metatype:string=%s\\n' % obj._zclass_.meta_type )")])

which suggests _zclass_ is an attribute not available on our objects.

These are fairly basic ZClass objects for news items, and I've tried creating several additional test Products to try and determine what is required to get this to work, but to no avail.

If anyone has any pointers as to what needs doing to get FSDump to dump out ZClass objects, I'd be more than happy to hear suggestions!

(This is using Zope 2.7.6)



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