> Note, that we use a ZSyncer version which no longer uses XML-RPC
> but "ZPublisher.Client" to make its remote requests.
> When I remember right, Paul incorporated this change in some
> recent "ZSyncer" version.

correct. I don´t remember right now which was the first release to
feature your zpublisher.client code, possibly it was 0.6.0.

note that Alan Milligan subsequently contributed another
transport back-end, as he was having problems with ZPublisher.Client not
working over SSL as I recall.
Alan´s "ConnectionMgr" seems to work well, nobody has  reported problems
with it so it´s now the default since at least 0.6.1.
The ZPublisher.Client code is still a configurable option and still works

The old XML-RPC code is still there, but it has not worked in a long time
and will likely be removed soon. It is a poor choice for the application
anyway IMHO, as there´s nothing to gain and many resources to lose by
encoding and decoding large blobs as XML.

Also note, Dieter, the zsyncer trunk is substantially different from the
0.6 series, with lots of internal changes, some new methods, and some
public method signature changes.
So if you want to work on zope 2.8 support I would strongly
encourage you to take a look at the trunk. One major improvement is that
there are some unit tests now, over 30 at last count. There is still a lot
of cleaning up to do, but the tests should hopefully make that easier to

Finally, Dieter, if you want to get your changes into zsyncer
without working through an intermediary, I´d be happy to give you
checkin privileges. Do you have a Sourceforge account?


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