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On Mon, 15 Aug 2005 09:54:35 -0400, beno wrote:
I still do not have a solution to get my VHM working. My programmer is on vacation and I don't know how he's got things configured. I copied, pasted and edited an entry in our httpd.conf file thus:

RewriteRule ^/(.*)$1 [L,P]

This redirect looks absolutely fine. I duplicated this in my own setup.
Initially, visiting it produced an error (as I didn't have a folder
""), but when I added that folder, everything
worked fine, and browsing to (which I
mapped to localhost in /etc/hosts on my machine) rendered the contents of
the folder correctly.

rebooted our FreeBSD machine, and then followed the instructions in our VHM by entering these fields:
(Yes, that's the dir.) VHM tells me this dir can't be found. Wazzup?! I'm looking at the darn thing! Don't tell me it can't be found! Waaaaaah!
Please help.

Ah, ok. I see that if you edit the mappings tab on the VHM, you can
generate such an error. However, with a redirect like the one you quote
above, there is no need to touch the VHM mappings - the redirect is all
that is needed.

I can't reproduce your bug though - when I have a folder called and add a mapping line reading:

I don't get an error. To see the error you're seeing, I first have to
break the second component of the VHM mapping entry, so that it is not the
same as the id of a top-level folder.

I tried hitting your site from here. At, I get a Not Found error for the folder.

But, if I hit I get the
same error.

As far as I can see, the only thing which could cause this problem is if
the Zope running on this host on port 8080 doesn't have an object at the
path /, and that your error has nothing to do with
the apache redirect, which seems to be working fine.
I've duplicated your results. This is insane! There is indeed such a dir! Why doesn't it show up? Seems like one of those strange Zope bugs I've run across from time to time. Okay, please help me edit the above httpd.conf file to hit the dir "centurionsecurity" and let me copy it over. Maybe that will work. Also, tell me what, if anything, I should do with VHM. Thanks

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