Hi Barry,

I'm getting an attribute error when I try to run Zope
2.7.6, which is occurring when NauScheduler starts up:

AttributeError: ignoreLater


AttributeError: ignoreLater

It means that the object schedule doesn't have or can't access a method
called ignoreLater. With "it can't access" I mean that the object is
there, but it is broken.

Looking at the source code of the NauScheduler, I saw that the
__init__.py file checks for an instance of the "ScheduleList" class,
which has the same id and if I'm not wrong it is created the first
time that you create a NauSchedulder object in the ZMI, then the
absolute path of the new created object is added to a path list inside
the "ScheduleList" object. So, it means that somehow you already tried
to create a NauScheduler Object, but something when wrong causing either
the creation of a broken object or the object wasn't created at all, but
its path was stored in the "ScheduleList". And I think that's why you
get "AttributeError: ignoreLater" because "None" or a broken object
don't have or can't access the ignoreLater method.

So, my suggestion is:

1)  Make a backup of your Data.fs
2)  Remove the NauScheduler Product from your Products folder.
3)  Restart Zope
4)  Remove the NauScheduler objects
5)  Remove the ScheduleList object.
6)  Stop Zope
7)  Move the NauScheduler again to the Products folder
8)  Restart zope
9)  Watch at the console to see if an error is printed
10) If no errors are printed, then try to create a NauScheduler object
    and see if it works.

> I am using NauScheduler on other windows and unix
> systems.  But have not seen this problem before.  Can
> anyone help?  Below is the traceback.

Another possibility is that you are using a Data.fs comming from a unix
system into a Windows XP PC and somehow the import of the instances wasn't successful. If this is the case, the question is: did you make
sure to first install all the products you are using in linux before
moving the Data.fs? But I'm especulating here since you didn't give
details about the installation (ie: was it a clean zope installation or
did you migrate a Data.fs from unix to windows?)


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