Hello again,

I am using StructuredDocument objects in the custom products I am
migrating to 2.7.5 from 2.5.1.

In 2.7.5 I am now getting an error

Value Error
Maximum content length exceeded

when attempting to save changes (edits) of StructuredDocument objects
with "large" amounts of content - even when there was no problem with
the same "large" amount of content in 2.5.1.

This error under 2.7.5 happens if a migrated object already has more
than a certain amount of content in it when I do a TTW edit/update of
the object using e.g.


It also happens at some point when I start adding increasing amounts of
text into a StructuredDocument object that initially has "small"
amounts of content ("small" meaning not enough to trigger this error
under 2.7.5). 

I don't know exactly how much is too much.

I do know that it is not very much at all, and certainly far less than
the DTML document basis for a StructuredDocument can hold.

It is also far less than what my StructuredDocument objects *already
hold* under 2.5.1.

Anyone have any idea why I'm getting this size-related error with
StructuredDocument only after migrating to 2.7.5?
And how to fix it, of course... :-?

John S.

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