Thanks thats it!  Why is it like that?


David Siedband wrote:

Try calling id then comparing it.

<dtml-if "id()==last"> this one! </dtml-if>


On Aug 28, 2005, at 7:19 PM, michael wrote:

Thanks for your reply, that is half way there, I want to compare two variables though. where as 'my page' is constant, and hard coded in.

someone's gotta know :-)


Greg Fischer wrote:

I have never been able to do that either and always wondered how to do
it.  However I have a workaround that I use frequently.  I just use
the title instead, which works perfectly.

<dtml-if "title == 'My Page' ">This one!</dtml-if>


On 8/28/05, michael <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

What am I doing wrong here?

<dtml-var last> -- this prints out the variable sent from last
(referring) page fine
<dtml-var id> -- this prints out the id of the current item fine

<dtml-if "id == last">  this one!  </dtml-if>

i want this to output "this one!" when the current item is the one
requested by the last page but they are never seen as == even when the
two dtml-var are the same

they are never equal!


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