Chris Withers wrote:
Andrew Sawyers wrote:

Did Matt indicate if he was running multiple zeo app servers? It might help
to be spreading the load.  1,0000 writes a day is not outrageous....

Yes, but he's using Plone, which implies not only all of the CMF reindexing overhead, but also all the AT and Plone layers on top. That could get even worse if he's gone to town with a workflow tool or is using any of the truly appalling Plone addons, such as CMFMember, CMFForum, etc...



This sounds like the classic abstraction vs performance debate. In the late 80s some people criticised C++ and OOP versus C for the same reasons.

Might it not be better, rather than telling people not to use Plone + add-ons for this reason, to just push for across the board performance improvements, which means removing bottlenecks in Plone, Archetypes, specific Products, as well as the underlying Zope/CMF ? Also some of the products you are talking about may be somewhat immature and you know what they say, don't do premature optimisation, do logic first, performance tune later.

What you describe as "appalling" might perhaps be able to be performance tuned?

BTW CPSSkins is another performance hit. Would you care to list the worst culprits? ;-)


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