Paul Hendrick wrote:
> Hi all,
> i've just started with zope, and i'm trying to write a filesystem
> product, so i can have a project in svn and work on it in the
> filesystem.
> I've followed the guide at for creating a minimal product, but
> can't get this to show up in the list of products.

You have of course restarted your zope instance ?

> Can anyone see whats wrong?

> __init.py__

should be

> -----------
> import minimal
> def initialize(context):
>     """init the product"""
> contect.registerClass(minimal.minimal,constructor=(minimal.manage_addMinimal,))

This line should be indented. There's a typo also : s/contect/context/

Anyway, unless you have a compelling reason to stick with Zope 2.x, you
should consider starting with Zope 3.

Bruno Desthuilliers
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