Sean Dunn wrote:

I'm new to Zope, and am getting tired of using textarea's to edit my
Python/[HD]TML code. My space-bar thumb is starting to get an
unnatural twitch, from hitting it multiple times at the beginning of
every line of code. J

You should look at External Editor[1] for authoring code through the web without using the browser interface. The best would of course be to put your code on the file system - nobody does serious work through the web interface (but the Zope book gives this impression, unfortunately).

External Editor enables you to work with your favorite editor even when doing work in the web interface.

I've installed TinyMCE and Epoz, and they're both great for
documents.. But they're both useless for writing code. Instead of
writing my own skin for TinyMCE (and reinventing the wheel), are there
any pure JavaScript/CSS code editors that can do search/replace, block
indents, and (this would be amazing) Python syntax highlighting?

SciTE[2] is the best all-round editor I've found for writing HTML, CSS, and the occasional Python script. It has a lot of nice features, and if you get the Windows version with extensions included[3], you get a really nice and sane setup. It's also open source.

I've used a fair share of different editors throughout my work with Plone, and I have to say that the two that I really liked are SciTE and TextMate. TextMate is only available for OS X, though. I'm not a hardcore Python coder, but your main use case seems to be just like mine - templates, CSS and the occasional Python script - so SciTE should serve you well.



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