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Florent Guillaume wrote:
> Dieter Maurer wrote:
>>> I am setting up sites using Plone and am concerned to read some of the
>>> comments on it. Is it really that bad performance wise?
>> No, it is not.
>> It is just that the CMF is unable to fix a year long bug
> It's not "CMF"'s fault, it's only the responsibility of Windows
> developers running CMF. I for one couldn't care less.
>> which affects Windows only when Zope is run in debug mode:
>>       then each access to a "filesystem directory view" triggers
>>       a hierarchical file system scan.
>>       The result is a slowdown by several orders of magnitude.

It got *much* worse when CMF shifted to use subversion, which has many
more bookkeeping files in the .svn directories.  Plone developers who
work on Windows sent up an anguished cry just after we switched over,
while they were trying to prepare their 2.1 release candidate.

> I believe Tres has now fixed this.

I applied a tourniquet, which was the major reason for pushing out the
1.5.3 release.  Mark Hammond volunteered (at the Plone Symposium in New
Orleans) to look at the feasibility of a better solution which would use
the native Win32 file monitoring APIs:


As Chris noted, running with 'debug-mode off' also avoids this issue, if
you can't upgrade CMF for some reason (and you *should* be running this
way if performance matters, anyway).

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