John Schinnerer wrote:
That was what I needed, the parameter sysadmin set it low
for security reasons, not realizing....

Clueless overly paranoid sysadmins strike again ;-)

No actually, he's very clueful and security-conscious, and I was
mistaken about how it got set that low, it appears to be a debian
package default setting.

Ah, my mistake, clueless overly paranoid debian packagers ;-)
(they're very close in breed *grinz*)

Glad to hear your sysadmin doesn't fall into the former category though!

FYI anyone upgrading to the recent Debian 3.1 release (sarge), the
default in the config file in the zope package (2.7.5 final) in sarge
has cgi-maxlen set quite low, 10000 if I recall correctly, to block
potential DOS attacks according to the comment on the setting (Debian
is perhaps a bit paranoid in this case...).

*thunks head against wall*

Anyone know who the debian package maintainer is so we can give them a tickle?



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