Does this affect Chris's chances in the annual "Zope Cogeniality Awards"? 
BTW DTML does not suck.  I too have written lots of code w/it.  I do find ZPT to be preferable - but it does take effort (brain re-wiring) and if your up to your elbows in alligators its just not the time to convert.

I waited for the next project to go all ZPT (except with some CSS handling).
I'm waiting for my next project to go all Zope 3 and I can't wait. :-)

All best,

Jonathan Cyr wrote:

I appreciate the amount of effort that you contribute to the community... but that said... you really are quite rude and obnoxious.... hence the "Go easy" warning.

Your skills in dealing with people pale in comparison to your Zope prowess. 
Talking down to people doesn't build community... no matter how right you are.  Building a community isn't about code, or rightousness... it's about people... consider the effects of your tone on this list.

If you need to be right that badly, have at it.... You're right, DTML sucks, ZPT and whatever else is the obvious solution... my issue is solved... thank you so much for your time.

Bait taken, with apologies to all,


Chris Withers wrote:
Jonathan Cyr wrote:
I have to choose which features of Zope to learn and use, based on a much larger criteria than I can present here.
I do not wish to mix ZPT and DTML in my project... I had chosen DTML, before ZPT was mature... It may be better, but I don't care for now... when I'm able to re-assess which pieces of Zope to use in a future project, I may well choose it.

Okay, whatever...

As a professional programmer, you must see the advantage in adhering to a project's standards and specs, as to managing the code in the project.  That is why I needed to use DTML for my RSS.

Uh, no, as a professional programmer, I use the best tools for the job, and don't stand by mistakes I made before, like choosing DTML, especially when the two can co-exist quite happilly...

I have chosen my mix for this project, and benefit much more from my standards docs much more than any single feature like ZPT can provide.

Okay, whatever...

As far as I know, DTML is being supported into the future, and my hand will not be forced.

Then your hand will be burned, enjoy ;-)


Jonathan Cyr

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