On Sep 13, 2005, at 12:00 PM, Pascal Peregrina wrote:
What's the amount of RAM you have ?

When we started having this problem the box only had 1GB of RAM so we replaced that RAM completely and put in a fresh 4GB of RAM to hopefully get rid of the problem. This box is also running 3 other Zope instances, but the other don't exhibit this problem. This instance has 15 plone site instances in it. The others only have a couple plone sites each.

This problem will happen and there will still be 1GB of free RAM and it hasn't touched the swap at all. We are running FreeBSD 4.10 on this box.

Have you changed the default pool-size in the <zodb> section ?

I'm assuming it isn't changed since it isn't in our zope.conf. Must be a newer config that we didn't have from an old zope that this one was upgraded from.

Here are the details from the Cache Parameters tab in the ZMI on this ZEO instance:

Total number of objects in the database   282934
Total number of objects in memory from all caches    6512
Target number of objects in memory per cache    10000

Total number of objects in each cache:

Cache Name Number of active objects Total active and non-active objects
<Connection at 09e5684c>    6048                        18746
<Connection at 0e92902c>    464                         1249

Total                       6512


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