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What is the current status of the ZF?

The process is proceeding swiftly, and hopefully smoothly. We have draft documents of the TM Agreement and the By-Laws, and are well along the way to drafts of the IP Policy and the remaining documents.

We have formed a small committee of some representative groups in the Zope community, cutting across interests and geography, and we have IRC meetings to make sure that at the highest level, the initial documents will represent a broad community interest.

Can the name of people that are part of this small committee be published ? I'd like to know who might be representing me, this way I can ask him or them about the direction taken and maybe actually give them my opinion.

Before the actual formation of the Foundation, we will post all of the relevant documents for public comment, so those that are not on the current committee will still get a chance to weigh in before the By-Laws (for example) become final. Even after that, the Membership can alter the By-Laws in the future, so this is just the "starting point".

This is clear.

However, the starting point will be much more constructive if most members of the community that the Foundation claims willing to serve would have a chance to give their opinion on the bylaws as early as possible.

This would avoid that the persons currently working in the small committee feel personally attacked when one of us dislikes or disagrees about some of the points and makes it known loudly... after a lot of hard work has already been done.

It's still quite possible that everything will be wrapped up by the end of October (as originally projected), but we did have the delay in starting (more on that below) and there's still a lot to do, so it could slip a bit, but we certainly are doing everything in our power to make that date.

Ill finish with my usual recall that english is not my mothertongue and that it implies that I could be misusing some words without knowing about it.


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