Thank you very much. Just as you said, there was a space in between openning and closing tags, but the reason I missed it was because I had indented like the following:
_<textarea name="var">
since it was part of an if tag block. So I changed it like the following:
_<textarea name="var"></textarea>
Anyway, thanks again. I will pay much closer attention to how I format my code in the future.
On 9/19/05, Martijn Pieters <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Ivan Stout wrote:
> It appears that the text input field I have created using a dtml method
> has a default space character when you click in the field. Is there a
> way to get rid of this?

Depends on the HTML used; this is really a HTML question more than a DTML

If this is a textarea, make sure there are no spaces between the opening
and closing tags:

<textarea ..attrs..></textarea>

or, if you fill the textarea from with a dtml attribute, eliminate the
spaces there too:

<textarea ..attrs..>&dtml-variablename;</textarea>

If you need multiple lines to avoid excessive wrapping or scrolling, put
the angle brackets on a new line to eliminate whitespace (newlines are
whitespace too!):

<textarea ..attrs..
  ><dtml-var expression_or_variable ..attrs..

If you used an input tag, the same applies, but now to whitespace between
the quotes of the value attribute.

Martijn Pieters

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