mark hellewell wrote:
Hi everyone, I've got a question I'd really appreciate some input on.

If I'm running perhaps a dozen Zope sites, experiencing anywhere
between several hits per second to a lot less, would it potentially
be more efficient (decreased latency etc.) to run each site as its own
Zope instance or have one Zope instance running muliple (CMF based)

I haven't even thought about adding ZEO into the mix yet.

The basic aim of the exercise is to find out how many usable
zope instances / sites I could get onto a typical mid-range modern server.

I know it's a bit of a "how long are your pieces of string" sort
of question, but any help you could offer would be gratefully
accepted! If anyway has any experience of this sort of setup
and can offer a little insight it might reduce the amount of
testing I have to do myself.

I don't think you'll see any improvement unless you have a multi-processor machine. In such a case, running X processes (where C is the number of cores) will fully load the machine, since Python threads won't skip processors.

On a single-core machine, multiple instances probably will just increase your overhead, especially in memory. But I could be wrong: there's so many variables the best way to know is to test. (Caches and usage patters, for instance, can make a big difference.)

If you do have several sites, you could be running into cache eviction issues since there are a lot of objects that need to be accessed. Check your cache fullness and watch your ZODB usage chart for excessive loads.

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