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I usually don't read the posts on zope-list,  but I found this one:

sorry this is a bit old, but ...

M. Davis, what are your benchmark figures based on?

I just ran a quick benchmark on Plone's front page and found:

siege -v -r 10 -c 1 http://localhost:8080/plone
** siege 2.61
** Preparing 1 concurrent users for battle.
The server is now under siege...
Hello. To be honest I didn't actually benchmark this scientifically. So very sorry if I did a bad thing and made a statement against the performance of CPSSkins that is not actually true. I liked the look of CPSSkins, but looked into it a bit and thought, this does too much , its too clever. That means the rendering is more complex which will hit performance. Also a sophisticated product is possibly more likely to break doing a migration such as to Plone 2.1. Its a more complicated product to maintain perhaps. Thats not entirely scientific either because something well-written by good programmers who understand Plone well may be more "migration-proof" than a simpler but sloppier-written Product. But I take an attitude that while Zope/Plone is great, a certain amount is still bleeding edge and brittle, so don't try to be too clever. My colleague got burnt by pushing the limits of a bleeding edge version of Archetypes (1.2.5). We're still struggling to migrate to 1.3.4. On the other hand some people need to push the limits in order that advanced features get their bugs found and fixed. Plone performance tuning is something I need to learn more about when I get time. If a Product can perform well with tuning thats great but it can be an issue if its default behaviour is a performance hit and it therefore imposes a performance tuning requirement. (Not implying that this is true of CPSSkins). I guess what you're saying is you do not believe there are performance issues with CPSSkins, and you have evidence of a least one situation to back this up. So, I don't mean to cast aspersions, and I would still consider looking into using CPSSkins in the future. :-)

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