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> Max M wrote:
>> I don't know how many has seen this, but it's pretty cool.
>> JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight data-interchange
>> format.
>> It is used for Ajax applications to transfer data instead of xml. It
>> uses repr() versions of standard python objects like dicts, lists,
>> string, numbers etc. to transfer data.
>> It is really simple to generate for Python programmers, so it is very
>> simple to use in Zope too.
> this is used at 100% and more in cpsskins for Zope3 (cf. You
> might also have a look at Jim Washington's 'jsonserver' for Zope3 and its
> implementation for Zope2

I would add that I made up the Zope2 server implementation, sorry I did
not announce it on the list. Works perfectly for Zope and Plone. It is
currently tested only with Zope 2.7, did not try it on 2.8.

You can read more about the Zope2 implementation and download it at:

I also added some simplistic but fully functional examples that help you
start with it.

I would encourage everyone using it for Zope/Plone. In case of bugs or
suggestions, please mail directly to me.

I also plan to make some minor update to catch up with newest version of
jsolait, as soon as I have some free time. Also I would like to add some
yet simple but more real-life examples that would also include usage with
Zope, Plone and Archetypes. If you have any good idea for this, please
also write to me.


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