David Pratt wrote:
really interesting.I think it would be a really good thing to see fire and forget with a process you create as a series of steps that can also be queued in one or more queues.

Well, I think ZAsync would be great for building and managing the queues, with Stepper steps being used to process them...

I also think there is some interesting possibility for something like a Zope instance Stepper where you could trigger a generic daemon to run a thread to process asynchronous tasks (steps) without a ZEO requirement.

Huh? That made no sense. Spawning new ZServer threads is evil, I like the fact that Stepper keeps it simple and connects to a ZEO server. It means Stepper can be run from any normal Zope client build and doesn't need to do anything funky.

The asynchronous jobs could be queued for long running tasks outside of zope or timed to inject the step requests into zope for the maintenance of a zope instance (in the same vein as ClockServer) but in a single product.

I think a combination of Stepper and ZAsync could meet your needs, when you hit specific problems which you need help with, let me or Gary know :-)



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