This same hosting thread went on a short time ago but I will throw another big plug for George and his team have been incredibly helpful and supportive. Lots of great information upon signing up and help is ALWAYS there through a wide variety of communication channels.


Philip Kilner wrote:

Hi Benmania,

Benmania Guin wrote:

I have some experience with Zope on my desktop pc with an WIN XP operating system. Now I want to order my own virtual server but I am unsure about the features I will need and I do not know how to install ZOPE on such a system at all. Can you give me any advice what features I will certainly need, e.g. SSH(?), Root access(?)? Can you tell me where I can find more infos about this issue (installing ZOPE on different VServers with different OSs)?

I've just ordered the "Zope Virtual Server" from Zettai, which seemed to
mysteriously morph from a Zope instance to a virtual server part way
through the sign up process - which I am very happy about.

I wouldn't have chosen a virtual server initially, because all my
experience is Win32 and I don't have time to learn for this project.
However, it feels like the best of both worlds - I didn't have to set
Zope up at all, it was all in place for me (Zope 2.8.1, Plone 2.1 + the
"classic" products I'd have expected to install), and I get SSH and Root
access more or less as a bonus. The only thing I have had to get my head
around is the file system - but that hasn't been hard at all.

You might consider a Zettai account, or you might want to see how they
do it, 'cos they seem to have got it right from my PoV. Put it this way
- I bought a second identical account less than a week later for a
personal project.

I hope my inquiries were not too trivial to be answered.

Not at all - this is important!

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