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Benmania Guin wrote at 2005-9-27 16:08 +0200:
> ...
>> Do you say that you can connect Zope from the first but not any more
>> from the second computer?
>Exactly, it sometimes works then it wont work for a couple of minutes and then 
>it will work again. It is really weird. 

What happens precisely when you cannot connect to Zope?

  Does the browser return some error page? With what content?

  Does the browser simply hang?

If set up in a standard way, Zope will write a ZServer logfile
(usually called "Z2.log"). It writes an entry for each request
it has finished. Do you see the "hanging/failing" requests?

You can configure Zope to write a more detailed request log.
For this you define a "trace" logger in Zope's configuration
file (usually "etc/zope.conf"). Zope will then write
a log entry when it receives a request, when it starts processing
the request, when processing finished and when the result was
delivered to the client.

If Zope were to blame for your connection problems, then
you should see the first request log entry (request received)
but either the second (processing startet) or third (processing
finish) should be missing.

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