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> bruno modulix wrote at 2005-9-27 11:34 +0200:
>>I have a little problem with aquisition and security. We have a project
>>using multiple CPS instances (for those that don't know CPS, it's a CMF
>>based groupware/CMS) running in the same Zope instance, and being
>>siblings of each others [1]. One of these instances is the main entry
>>point for the portal (I'll all it the 'portal'), the others are acting
>>as workspaces for dedicated communities (I'll call them CPMs).
>>Each CPS instance has its own UserFolder. All users exists in the
>>portal's UserFolder, but only exists in some CPMs UserFolders. Now the
>>problem is that, due to acquisition, a member existing in the Portal but
>>not in a given CPM can gain access to this CPM by faking the url - ie:
>>going to mydomain.tld/portal/cpm instead of mydomain.tld/cpm. So we have
>>a potential (err...) security hole here, that I would like to address ASAP.
> Sounds like a permission to role mapping flaw...
>   Apparently, roles controlled by the "Portal" UserFolder (e.g.
>   "Authenticated") are allowed to do things in your CPM that
>   you only be allowed by roles controlled by their UserFolder.
> You may be able to fix this by making the roles controlled
> by the "Portal" and the "CPM" level disjoint.
> "Authenticated" cannot be made disjoint -- but you may not use
> it inside your CPMs.

The problem here is that CPS (the portal and all CPMs are CPS instances)
uses predefined roles, on which the various workflows relies, so that
would mean renaming all roles - differently - on each CPM, and modifying
the workflows too. Given that the customer is going to create new CPMs
"at will", I'm afraid this solution is somewhat unpractical...

Bruno Desthuilliers
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