Matthew White wrote:
oops!  I thought I'd clean up my code snippet to make it a little more
readable, and instead introduced an error.  Here it is in full:

        <tal:loop repeat="t python:test(exists('/request/form/view_all'),

As another thing here, the above is pretty expensive, since you call new_get_queue twice, whatever happens, how about the following:

<tal:loop repeat="t
                       userid=request.form.get('view_all') and \
                              userid or None))">

..and then make new_get_queue do the right thing when it gets None as userid.

I'd probably also change the following to be a metal: macro include rather than calling the second template.

                <span tal:replace="structure here/queue_template">
                        Queue Template Goes Here

As a general comment, you're trying to do too much logic in ZPT here, do much more work in a class or python script and just return the stuff you want to display to the ZPT...



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