Thanks. I sorted it out using ./zopectl adduser.

On 9/30/05, Chris Withers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
michael nt milne wrote:
>  Anyway I've followed all the instructions in security.txt , telnetting

stop right there... you should be using ssh...

> in as
> the user that made the zopeinstance and running
>   python access
>  using SHA-1 and then entering nothing for domains ( I presumed that this
> would give access for all domains etc)


>  I then get an access denied message on running this and the access file is
> not created.

well, maybe you could show us the error rather than not quite giving us
enough information to be able to help you ;-)


- your user didn't have permission to read or maybe execute python or

- your user didn't have permissions to write to the directory where you
were trying to create the access file.

> Yes, the access file was being created in the homeinstance.

But yet you said above it wasn't created a all?!

> One thing I
> didn't do was run the file when zope was stopped though,
as I did
> with ./zopectl

zope doesn't need to be stopped, but it does need to be restarted once
the access file has been created...

that said, if you want zopectl to let you do things without stopping
Zope, just get a ZEO setup up and running...



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