Chris wrote:
I hope this is not a FAQ, but I looked for some info to no avail.

And my answer to this FAQ, as always, is "use ZPT".

If I call a DTML-Method from an other Method (e.g. <dtml-var someDTML>), HTML entities are not converted.

This is calling and rendering whatever someDTML is...

However if I call it from python (e.g. <dtml-var "somePath.someDTML"> the entities are html_quoted.

This is likely inserting a python repr of whatever somePath.someDTML resolves too...

This changed with Zope 2.7.x (?). Before that DTMLMethods were not quoted when called from python.

Where are you calling one from python?

I know the easy workaround is to dtml-with to the namespace of the object and call it the zope-way.


I have a customer with several large applications which run on an old Zope only for the described reason. The applications relay heavily on calling DTML-Methods to include pieces of HTML, JavaScript, etc. Changing the old code would be an enormous effort.

...but likely worth it in the long run ;-)


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