Alan Milligan said:
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> Paul Winkler wrote:
>> The problem is that tests seem to be run in alphabetical order, I
>> don't know of a way to force another order, and so I'm left
>> with adding and removing things from Products to see what minimal set
>> of products will trigger the error - which is a crude technique since
>> some products' tests will not run at all unless some other product is
>> present (e.g. you can't run CMFDefault tests if
>> CMFCore is not present)
> def test01SomeName() ...
> def test02AnotherName() ...

Well, at the individual test level, yeah, but I'm talking at the suite or
even module level.  I'm hardly going to go renaming a product folder
and then have to globally change the product name in all referring code,
that would be a huge mess.  (Sure, I could use sed or whatever, but
make one little mistake and you might have to wipe out your sandbox and
start over from square one...)

Would be nice if allowed you to specify an order
to run suites in.  I'm going to go look and see how hard that
would be to hack in.

Paul Winkler

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