Greg Fischer wrote:

Ah even better!  Thanks guys.

I was going to reply just to mention I have a "not as cool" way of using Zope with Ajax at my site now too. <>

Seems every rock I turn over, I find 3 others worth investigating. Lots of cool stuff going on out there. I put up my own demo, but it's not nearly the prefered way of doing things by most people. I myself, prefer DTML over ZPT, so my demo is based on that. I also am using one of the larger client frameworks available, Dojo Toolkit. The js file is around 130k if I remember. The smaller ones are great and do the job, but I wanted something larger and more widely used like Dojo to build off of.

I know eventually I'll look at the JSON stuff too.  Sound interesting.

Hi, Greg

Cool! I like the way you do the how-to. Do you plan similar how-tos for other JS libraries/techniques? Would you accept contributions? I find myself looking at mochikit ( occasionally. In its ajax-tables demo, it uses a tal(esque) syntax for dom manipulation in client javascript, which could be interesting for fans of page templates.

For the future, dare I ask, maybe some zope3 stuff?

I think the zope community really needs zope-oriented how-tos and evaluations of the various AJAX libraries. has the right name to be a prime focus of such activities, should you be willing to do that.


-Jim Washington

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