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Wingware Support wrote:
sorry, here it is. It is the the WingDbg Product, but you probably will be unable to install/use it as it depends on the WingIDE (at least part of it) to be installed on the server, too. And as WingIDE is not open source, I am not allowed to hand it on.

The patching is a bit worse than I expected, it doesn't look like WinDbg makes any attempt to call back to the original version of the method it's patching, which is a bit sad :-(

The patching WingDBG does is required so that the co_filename attribute of code objects is set correctly.

That's no good if they're not FS-based ;-)

We would be interested in hearing if there is a better way to do this.


We'd be even more interested in having Zope changed so that any debugger would work without monkey patching ;).

Well, with code stored in an ODB and pdb's fundamentally FS-based and suprisingly unpluggable attitude, I don't think that's likely...

Also, bear in mind the oeverhead for getting the debugger stuff working, I really wouldn't want to use it in production!



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