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What do you need?

In this bit of code:

Module Products.Yanged.SitioYanged, line 268, in ObtenerNodo
266 |
267 |           if 'NodoRaiz' not in args:
268>|                   args['NodoRaiz'] =
parseString(self.Dame({'nombre': self.getId() +
'.mm'}).index_html(self.REQUEST, self.REQUEST.RESPONSE))
269 |           if 'Nodos' not in args: args['Nodos'] =
270 |           if 'Nivel' not in args: args['Nivel'] = 0

The expression

   self.Dame({'nombre': self.getId() + '.mm'})

is providing something that's being passed to the XML parser (the
parseString() function).  That string is the data that's in question;
if you can get that string and send it to me (as a file attachment,
preferably), I'll try to figure out what's happening.  The "Yanged"
product I've never heard of, and don't know anything about its code. But I know something about the XML parser being used. :-)


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Hi again!
self.Dame({'nombre': self.getId() + '.mm'})

Dame is a function that returns a ZCatalog query where nombre is an index

Then this function return a modified File object (the modification constist make File CatalogAware)

This File object returns the text of the last attachment I send you some mails ago

Yanged is the product I'm developing


Mis Cosas

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