Nicolas Georgakopoulos wrote:
Trying to execute the following code from a python script

from smtplib import SMTP
from email.MIMEText import MIMEText

I get a error:

*Error Type: ImportError*
*Error Value: import of "SMTP" from "smtplib" is unauthorized. You are not allowed to access 'SMTP' in this context
Why I can't access SMTP if I am a user manager with all the access enabled for managers in the current context ?

*continues banging head against brick wall*

Because it has no security declarations. If you bothered to install VerboseSecurity it would have told you this...

MailHosts are how you send mail in Zope...

MailTemplates are what you want to use, I still don't understand why you're having so many problems, I simply cannot reproduce what you're seeing...

Start with a fresh, clean Zope instance and tell me the steps you go (every single one of them!) through to get to the point where you can try the python script and get the errors you were complaining about before...



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