Garry Saddington wrote:
This code does not work;-).

That, in itself, as an argument for using ZPT. The reason it doesn't work is probably because of some subtlety in name lookup of your DTML method.

Showing DTML to other people, say, on a mailing list, is much harder to grok than a ZPT, where at least you can be asked "what is context in this scenario? container? etc".

Tino also hit the nail on the head: if your ZPT seems complexm you're trying to do too much in your presentation layer. Since all DTML is butt ugly and overly complex, you don't get much help with this ;-)

If I always work in the ZMI and do not collaborate with designers on database web applications where the data is more important than the presentation, can you give me a good reason for not using DTML.

Wow, only a true DTML user could come up with a sentence that convoluted ;-)

the namespace magic thing it is not that bad. The ZPT code above seems to me more complex and it has defined two new variables,

Explicit is better than implicit. Try explaining what <dtml sequence-item> means to me, and why it should work ;-)



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