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Thomas Apostolou wrote:

i saw that from within a DTML Method one is able to
call a fuction of a python module in the file system.

I don't think so...

Well, you are right. I do not directly call the modules's function from
the file system.
I call an External Method that "wraps" the module's function and then i
call that External Method from my DTML Method. Here is the example:

    <dtml-in expr="GetData(sysDSN=sysDSN, usr=usr, mypass=mypass,
sTable=sTable, sFields=sFields)">
      <dtml-if sequence-even>
        <tr class="even">
        <tr class="odd">
      <dtml-in sequence-item>
        <td><dtml-var sequence-item> </td>

GetData is the name of the External Method i call with the parameters of
the module's function as you can see.

Dont do that. Use a Database adaptor instead - any maybe issue
the query there if you dont want the ZSQL-Resultset-wrapping.
The reason is, ZDAs take care of pooling and so on and you avoid
a per thread reconnection.

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