Nikko Wolf wrote:
That was my expectation too, but alas -- it does not work for me. Have you specifically tried this?

Yes, many times...

==== Set up:
- Plone Site with "Delete objects" permission granted only to Manager (not inheriting privs) - (Plone) Folder "abc" with an object "xyz" under the Plone Site (inheriting privs)

Well, you're using Plone, so you're on your own. It or CMF may do some other funky permissions checks on delete which are screwing you up...

==== Browser shows: Insufficient Privileges

You do not have sufficient privileges to view this page. If you believe you are receiving this message in error, please send an e-mail to"

File "/usr/local/zinstance/Products/CMFPlone/", line 306, in manage_delObjects
   raise Unauthorized, (
Unauthorized: Do not have permissions to remove this object

You should install VerboseSecurity if using Zope 2.7 or enable in in zope.conf if using Zope 2.8, it will tell you more...

But, look at that traceback, it's coming from (suprise, suprise) so you'll have to go there and find out what funky nastiness is lurking ;-)



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