Stephan Deibel wrote:
You can turn on and off debugging from the WingDBG control panel which installs/removes the tracer hook and also the monkey patches. When off, it's the same as if no debugger were running (except that WingDBG lets you turn it on again dynamically).

Is the WingDBG control panel in Zope or in WingIDE?
Where's the code which does this "turning off and turning on"?

Also, someone mentioned changing the monkey patch to call inherited.

Not sure what you mean by that...

I meant trying to call the inherited/replaced method to do the
work or more of the work rather than completely replacing it. This *might* make things less brittle (but I doubt it, actually

Well, it's more than you may want to call the method you're replacing when you're monkey patched method is done doing what it's doing. zdb does this with prettymuch all its monkeypatches...

The old/existing impl adds a ##'ed comment block to scripts and ends up stripping the block before compiling the script so that line numbers in the code object don't match up with the copy of the script that has the ##'s (which is what anyone reading from the file system will see). The patch changes this to compile
the script w/ the ##'ed comment in place.

Yes, but this stuff isn't necessary ;-)
(and has nothing to do with the code that patches co_filename, right?)

Re: patching Zope + CMF:  It should be possible to patch CMF so
that it can run w/ either patched or unpatched Zope.  The author
of CMFFormController accepted our patch when it was originally
submitted and did that.

Odd. You earlier suggested you wanted to get "Zope" changed to co_filename was meaningful. That change also needs to be made in FSPythonScript. That one small change is the only thing I'm talking about ;-)

Hmm, so perhaps reworking the patch for CMF to work like that
might help get it accepted... then the question is whether the
Zope patch can be made to work w/ unpatched CMF (if that is an
issue; or is it OK for Zope to change under CMF?).

The two should have nothing to do with each other...

As far as a standard for co_filename it should be the full path
file name for FS scripts (O/W most debuggers won't work out of
the box),

Well, you see, that doesn't work for me ;-)
(Since I tried both FSPythonScripts and PythonScripts in the same way, and that uses their full ZODB path)

We'll try to do actual work on this (rather than sending emailed drivel ;-) after Wing 2.0.4 is out. Unfortunately, we've got various things going on that has left us w/ very little extra time for the next month or so.

You might start by actually getting to know how zdb works, there's very little code in it and it tackles the problem in a different way which avoids all the trouble you're getting into above...



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