Thanks for the replies. For now I'm going to try it
with Solaris 10 for a few reasons:

1.- I try to get the most of its 6 SCSI discs, and the
documentation I found for Solaris
( was much
better than similiar one for Linux, including
optimizations for various scenarios (write intensive
vs read intensive, small vs large reads,...).

2.- I'm also interested in checking DTrace
(, that
has got really good press in the media.

3.- Solaris Containers (similar to Xen, but again
better documented than Xen).

 Anyway it's true that for a "Linuxer" like me Solaris
is hard and even ugly (it took me one full day to
setup IPs&DNSs).

 If I success I will post a resume for reference.

 --- Lennart Regebro <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> escribió:

> On 10/20/05, Nick Davis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > I'm not sure how difficult it is to install Linux
> on this h/w but if you
> > can, this will make life easier for you in many
> ways in addition to
> > being easier to host Plone/Zope
> Debian is supposed to run fine. Also OpenBSD has a
> sparc port which
> could be an alternative. And new CPU boards cost,
> like, nothing, so it
> could be a pretty cool server.
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