we do install our zope/plone instances in a simmilar way you did.
in addition to the steps you described we the do the following
- make Zope-2.7 and Zope-2.8 a softlink to the respective source directory and then create the instances from the Zope-2.X/bin directory. the mkzope/zeoinstance scripts create startupscripts with hardcoded paths. With ZopeX a softlink you can easily make updates to minor new zope releases for all your instances - in the zopeusers homedirectory we have a Products directory where we have all the products installed. In the instances/Product folders we then link to them. Again we have Plone-1/2/2.1 links pointing to the respective Releases, so we can make minor Plone updates without hassle.


Russell Winter wrote:

First post from a real newbie, I have currently got Zope installed under a
test server and would like to ensure that I get things right for our
production environment. Being a complete newbie to Zope I would like to be
sure I am doing things right and understood the numerous articles I have
read, any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Currently, I made a user account; " zopeuser ", I installed Zope via this
account and I can access the management interface without issues and managed
to get a Plone installation working with mod_rewrite & mod_proxy via apache
(we have a cPanel dedicated server). However, I think I may have made some
fundamental administration or poor practice errors.

When I compiled Zope, my source is in the same directory as my final
instance, is this a security issue or at least poor practice, is there a
better way to do this? If, so could someone point me in the right procedural
direction to install Zope.

I shall be uninstalling the instance I have, so a fresh install will be
completed for the production instance. We are planning on running several
Plone instances for different domain web-sites, so that each site can be
managed separately by each different department.

Does anybody know of any issues that we are likely to bump in to running
Zope under a cPanel based server, to date I have manually added Plone
accounts in the httpd.conf but will also be adding a few standard cPanel
Apache based domains through the control panel as well, in time.

Thanks for your thoughts, I am learning still and hopefully learning
quickly, so hopefully my very basic questions will reduce over a short
period of time <grin>.

Regards, Russ Winter
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