Thanks for the info, that is some good advice.  I am currently deciding which platform to migrate to (Linux or OpenBSD).  Apple has let me down and I want to get off it as soon as possible.  When you find *BSD specific bugs, how long does it take for them to be fixed? Given that most developers are running Linux, I would expect some lag time between a major release and when it becomes stable on other platforms.  I would also expect the same problem with Products. Are there certain issues that persist on *BSD or does it just take a little longer for Zope/Plone to become stable on those platforms?  I will take a good look at ubuntu before deciding.  I am also considering KRUDserver. 

On Oct 23, 2005, at 9:30 PM, Matthew X. Economou wrote:

I'm running Zope and Plone on FreeBSD, both on i386 and alpha platforms.

I seem to have problems no one else experiences (like PloneExFile being

unable to handle attached files over 25 MB, or LDAPUserFolder causing

the entire Zope instance to get stuck in a loop).  Like MediaWiki,

Apache, and PHP, most of the Zope and Plone developers do their

development on Linux.  Unless you are prepared to deal with the bugs,

you probably should start with Linux, too.

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