Sorry and thanks.

I've found that the when I initially create a separate mount point and Data.fs file with

mountpoint /original

and then copy Data.fs to

this almost works:
mountpoint /newlocation:/original

It works, in that I can navigate through the ZMI, but it fails in that the plone site embedded in this Data.fs file generates urls that point back to ../original.

Your comments explain why. Thanks.

Question: this wouldn't be the case for a Zope or Plone folder. If I rename a folder from 'old_folder_name' to 'new_folder_name', it appears that the folder has no "memory" of old_folder_name. However, it appears that a mount point "remembers" where it was created. Isn't that in some sense a bug?

Dieter Maurer wrote:

Please send all Zope related questions to a Zope related mailing
list and not to me privately.

Usually, I do not answer questions sent to me privately!

I added "".

Christoph Berendes wrote at 2005-10-21 14:12 -0400:
I created a mount point, /default_site and a corresponding directory var/default_site. I build my plone site from scratch into default_site/site001, and all is good.

I then create a second mount point /kitchensbyartisan and a corresponding directory var/kitchensbyartisan. I copy var/default_site/Data.fs into var/kitchensbyartisan. Make the new_site mount point in the ZMI, restart a lot etc.

However, when I then navigate in the ZMI to kitchensbyartisan, it's empty and doesn't show site001 (or anything)

Do I need something fancier than the following in zope.conf, some reference to default_site?

<zodb_db kitchensbyartisan>
mount-point /kitchensbyartisan
path $INSTANCE/var/kitchensbyartisan/Data.fs

When you use this simple mount-point syntax, then the mount
path is coded into the generated storage and you cannot
mount the storage under a different path.

Actually, the mount-point syntax is much more complex than the form
you use above. Among others, it supports

  mount-point       mount-path:storage-path

"mount-path" describes how you reach the mount point
in the mounting application and "storage-path" how you
find the mounted object from the storage root.

An example would be:

  mount-point    /F1/F2/XXX:/S1/XXX

Note that the last component in both paths *MUST* be identical
(otherwise, Zope's url construction no longer works with
URL traversal).

Usually, the "storage-path" will look like "/XXX" (where "XXX" is
some id (without '/')).

If "storage-path" is not given, it defaults to "mount-path" (this
explains why you do not see anything in your storage).

To summarize:

 *  always explicitely give a storage path

 *  use a storage path of the form "/<id>"

 *  then you can mount the storage at different places
    *BUT* you must never mount with a different id
    (the mount point must have the same id as that of the
    mounted object).

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