An update -
It appears as though this problem is due to the content-type being set
inappropriately (probably text/html).  I'm attempting to render XML,
but each of the templates only contains a piece of my final output XML
file; therefore, I don't have the '<?xml ... ?>' header in the file. 
>From a perusal of the source for FSPageTemplate, this appears to be
the only way to get the Content-Type set to 'text/xml'.  Basically,
I'm constructing a VERY large XML file using a python script that
buffers writes to REQUEST.RESPONSE.  The script calls the page
templates, and then writes the rendered page templates to
REQUEST.RESPONSE through the buffering mechanism.

I have attempted adding .metadata files for each of my templates, with
the following content:
It didn't work.  I'm still at a loss for how to make this all happen,
I can't have my XML tags get lower-case-ified.  Please help!

 Zope 2.7.7-final, python 2.3.5, freebsd5
 Page Templates 1.4.0
CMF 1.4.8


On 10/25/05, Floyd May <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I have a product that installs some filesystem page templates into a plone 
> site's portal_skins.  The templates are exactly the same as their 
> created-through-ZMI counterparts, yet the filesystem templates render with 
> all their tags lower-cased, whereas the ZMI-created templates preserve case.  
> Why is this happening?
>  Zope 2.7.7-final, python 2.3.5, freebsd5
>  Page Templates 1.4.0
>  Thanks!
>  fm
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