Denis V. Gudtsov wrote:

<form action="clients_add_sql">
<input type="text" name="name">
<input type="text" name="account">
<input type="submit">

insert into table(name,account) values (<dtml-sqlvar name type=string>, 
<dtml-sqlvar account type=string>);

the problem is when i click the 'submit' button, the form
"clients_add_sql Input Data Enter query parameters:" appears.

Does someone know how i can pass the form parameters to zsql method

use an intermediary Script (Python), ie:
# extract data from form and put into zsql-method.
request = continer.REQUEST

name = request.form.get('name', None)
account = request.form.get('account', None)

# Sanity check - do we have values?
if name and account:
 # assume that the zsql-method is in the same folder as this script
 container.clients_add_sql(name=name, account=account)

 # if the zsql is not in the same folder as this script, use aquisition
 #context.clients_add_sql(name=name, account=account)

As you can see, introducing a script in between has other benefits as well, such as allowing for data verification etc.

to call the script change:

<form action="clients_add_sql">

to <form action="the_name_of_your_script_goes_here">

hope this helps.


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